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Chic Couple’s Photo Session in Chelsea, NY

May 19, 2015

Cassidy & Jared – Crushes to Candles – Engagement Photographs

It started with Cassidy’s college crush, and ended with Jared’s candlelight proposal. In between were 12 years, seven states, and one pact that said if they weren’t married by the time she turned 30, they’d wed. Well, she’s 30, and thanks to his Facebook contact, they’ll be wedded in June at Larchmont Temple. They should pop some seltzer along with champagne, since Jared’s request that she run out for seltzer was his ruse for setting their apartment aglow with candles and a diamond ring. Now that’s the kind of errand we’d all like more of!


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Kristina and Chris’s Engagement Party

May 4, 2015

Surrounded by water, love flows – Engagement Party

Water may bring life, but in Kristina and Chris’ case, it also brings love. They met in the Hamptons, Chris proposed on a dock there, they had their engagement party at Manhattan’s Water Club and the bridal shower at Rye’s American Yacht Club. “It was pretty much love at first sight,” says Kristina, and 3 1/2 years later, they will wed, where else!? In view of the sea, on Bermuda. We photographed Kristina’s sister’s engagement party a few years ago, also at the Yacht Club, and are thrilled to catch this next wave!


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Julia Spenser’s Bat Miztvah

May 4, 2015

We are Family: I Have all My Brothers and Me – Bat Miztvah Photos

Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, like weddings, are another family milestone we love to cover, and sometimes we’re lucky enough to feel like we’re members! Like with the Spensers. Over 8 years, we’ve shot all the son’s celebrations, while little sister Julia waited in the wings. Now that the angelic toddler has grown to a 13-year-old stunner, the wait’s over. Mazel tov, Julia! It’s these connections that, professionally and personally, bring us pleasure and joy.
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Kristin & Bryan’s Engagement

May 3, 2015

Stormy Weather to Sunny Skies – Engagement Photos

Candlelit rooms are usually an indulgence, not a necessity, but it worked for Kristin and Bryan. That was their backdrop during Hurricane Sandy, when Bryan was left without power. Just two days after meeting, their meals came from Kristin’s coolers instead of restaurants, their movies from her laptop instead of the multiplex. When the electricity returned, theirs was already flowing! The power surged this past Christmas Eve with Bryan’s proposal, and sparks will be flying this fall at their wedding in Montauk.


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Noelle and Ronald

September 24, 2014

Biology is Destiny, Final Round – Wedding Photographs

Nine months ago, we were there for Round 1, their engagement shoot, but time hasn’t dampened Noelle and Ronald’s passion. I guess we shouldn’t have been surprised they’ve been together since college, when their passion was science before it was each other. A shared biology lab led to a dorm-kitchen spaghetti dinner, and love was next on the menu. The final course: a sumptuous wedding at Scarsdale’s Church of Saint Pius X and a reception at New Rochelle’s Glen Island Harbour Club, with a side of sunny skies and crystalline Long Island Sound waters.


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Hila & Gil

September 19, 2014

Promised land to promised love – Wedding Photography

After Hila’s family made their own exodus out of Israel to New York, Gil made his own in 2010, trusty guitar in hand. And they’d be traveling a lot more, Hila with a date to see Gil’s new band, Gil running to find her after the show not knowing they’d left early. Next stop: Brooklyn, finally connecting at a friend’s party, where a blizzard left them stranded for 3 days. The adventure continued with Hila’s move to Bushwick and her need for a handyman. Trading guitar for toolbox, Gil rushed over and never left. Their next journey would be a move to Jersey City, and in August, a trip down the aisle at Bedford Corner’s Temple Shaaray Tefilah. See full gallery here.


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Jackie & Derek

June 19, 2014

Playing to Win – Engagement Photos

Games are Jackie and Derek’s passion — but not the teary kind. All that stress and strategy is strictly on-screen, the dirty work done by Super Smash Brothers or in Final Fantasy. Off-screen, calm and kindness reign for this couple, who met in the quiet of the Tarrytown’s Warner Library and who work as artists (Derek) and stuffed-animal and doll designers (Jackie). We took their engagement photos surrounded by wildflowers in a sun-kissed meadow: a definite fantasy, but not the final one: their wedding is set for this coming June.


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Megan & James

May 12, 2014

Back, and Forth, to the Future – Wedding Photography

Forget the romantic first meal– Megan and James’ was in the high school lunchroom. They’d hung out a bit in middle school, partied a little and been in the drama club, but any offstage drama was not on the program. Fast forward to some casual dating in the college years, when Megan recalls finding him “more attractive and worldly.” It was apparently mutual, and in April, school lunch was traded in for wedding reception at Briarcliff Manor’s All Saints’ Episcopal Church. James rang the church bell, marking the years of their history, and there was even some of our own: our daughter was one of the bridesmaids! See the full gallery here.


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Molly and Zach

August 20, 2013

Beauty and Brains – Engagement Party Photographs

Young couples in love are always beautiful, but was this engagement party doubling as a Tommy Hilfiger shoot? The women slender, hair flowing; the men in navy blazers and pastel button-downs; the backdrop the rippling Long Island Sound. Anna Wintour was nowhere to be found, but she wasn’t missed among the 120 guests at Rye’s American Yacht Club swaying to Latin rhythms on a balmy summer’s eve. That’s the beauty part; the brains part began 3 1/2 years ago at Oxford, where the bride- and groom-to-be met while studying. Yup, we thought, guess it is possible to have it all!



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Babs and Betsy

October 30, 2012

In the Spotlight – Wedding Photography

These brides may have met at Manhattan’s feminist-empowering WOW Cafe Theatre, but in October they had starring roles in their own production. The stage was set at Orient, Long Island’s, Poquatuck Hall with verdant lawns and sprawling trees as backdrop. And the costumes! Elegant custom-designed satin suits, Babs in cream and Betsy in seafoam.  Bab’s colleague from the renowned 5 Lesbian Brothers theatre group played a supporting role, as did ring bearer Eli and flower girls Eva and Rose.  Our review is in: it’s going to be a much loved, long running show!


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