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Candlewood Inn Wedding

August 5, 2016

Trinidad and David – Coffee, Tea, and finally Me:

For Trini and David, the walk to the altar was a bit more successful than the walk to the office coffee line, that’s where they first met, and back then she rejected his advances. This time, her response was a firm “I do.” The surroundings were a bit different as well: a summertime garden at Connecticut’s lakeside Candlewood Inn. And we loved other differences: the letters they wrote to each other to read aloud, the maid of honor singing an original song, and the bride’s dress-designer brother removing the gown’s bottom tier for the reception—the better for dancing those salsas and merengues!


Trinidad & David from Margaret Fox on Vimeo.






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Hollow Brook Golf Club Wedding

July 31, 2016

Winnie and Billy  –  Who’s Counting?

They say the third time’s a charm, but so were Winnie and Billy’s first two weddings—to each other! We shot their second- a civil ceremony in Briarcliff, but missed their first in Hong Kong, Winnie’s hometown. They courted long distance after Winnie returned there after they met in Boston, but this time around, her family returned the favor to attend the celebration at Cortlandt’s Hollow Brook Golf Club. Winnie’s white lace cap-sleeved gown was pure American, but later, she was just as stunning in traditional Chinese red, the color of luck. Surrounded by family and friends, we can attest that this couple has had plenty.

Winnie Lee and Billy Cember

Winnie Lee and Billy Cember

Winnie and Billy Wedding2 Winnie and Billy Wedding3


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Miami Heat

July 1, 2016

Judit and Jeff:

The story reads like a rom-com script. A hot Miami bar, an exotic blonde reporter, vacationing buddies, an unwanted advance, an apology, long-distance separation, triumphant love. Judit, Argentina-born, was that reporter; Jeff, a visiting New Yorker apologizing to her for his alcohol-fueled friend who had touched her leg. It seems the apology was accepted, a year and a half later that included 7 months of long-distance dating, we shot their pre-wedding photos. The Hollywood ending happens this summer at Pocantico’s Chagall-windowed Union Church and Tarrytown’s DoubleTree Hotel.

Judit and Jeff

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Katonah, NY – Surprise Wedding

June 25, 2016

Angela and Kevin   –  Babies and Brides:

Surprise parties are usually for the guest of honor – this one was for the guests! It was tough, but we kept the secret that the first birthday celebration for Angela and Kevin’s son would also include their wedding. They figured why not, since friends and family from far and wide would be attending. With balloons and kids’ goody bags as decoration, the couple exchanged vows in their Katonah backyard, their faces beaming with joy and their guests’ with awe. We’ve shot a lot of weddings, but this was our first where sippy cups rivaled champagne flutes!

Conor's First Birthday

Conor’s First Birthday





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Pleasantville Synagogue Bat Mitzvah

May 25, 2016

Mazel Tov Matthea!  

A bat mitzvah is the blossoming of a girl into womanhood, and Matthea took it literally! Her floral dress was worthy of Monet, and a hand-painted garden bloomed on her and her brother’s tallit. The buttercream walls of the Pleasantville Community Synagogue were the perfect canvas for it all, and later, more gardens bloomed in Ball jars amid confetti-strewn tables at Yonkers’ Hudson-graced X2O restaurant. We were thrilled to get Matthea’s mom’s note thanking us for “the stunning photos,” but such stunning visuals made it a piece of cake— a powder-blue-iced Red Velvet cake to be exact.

Matthea's Bat Mitzvah

Matthea’s Bat Mitzvah

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Sands Point Wedding

May 20, 2016

Brooke and Jordan – Highway to Heaven:

The red-carpet-worthy frock, cascading blonde tresses, sparkling sea background: were we shooting a fashion spread? No, but Brooke and Jordan’s pre-wedding session could have been. The location, though, was Long Island not Malibu, and the road they traveled to get here wasn’t Hollywood Boulevard but the New Jersey Turnpike, where they rendezvoused while Brooke was still at college in Maryland. Jordan had already graduated, so for over two years they shared a rest-stop romance. These days flowers have replaced fumes at Brooke’s uncle’s gorgeous Sands Point, LI, property, where they’ll marry this fall. We’re sure it’s going to be a model affair.

Brooke + Jordan Brooke + Jordan Brooke + Jordan Brooke + Jordan Brooke + Jordan Brooke + Jordan Brooke + Jordan Brooke + Jordan

Love on Long Island

Love on Long Island

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Romantic Photo Session, Rockefeller Preserve

April 20, 2016

Trinidad & David – Coffee stirs things up

When David first posed the question “coffee, tea or me?” on a coffee line, Trinidad chose coffee. When he tried again two weeks later, she succumbed. On their first date, a stroll at Westchester’s Kensico Dam, they bonded over more than lattes. That coffee line was at Morgan Stanley, where they both worked, and soon their merger begot a new acquisition: romance! It took 10 years, but this summer, the contract becomes final. At their July wedding, we’re sure they’ll switch out coffee for champagne.


A cozy photo session

A cozy photo session

Trinidad and David Trinidad and David
Trinidad and David Trinidad and David Trinidad and David

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Save the Date Photo Session, Tarrytown, NY

February 12, 2016

Laura & Dan – Infinite sand, one stone

We’d all agree that proposals should be romantic, surprising, even teary. But fearful?   Not an emotion we’d strive for. But Laura felt them all when Dan held out a box on a San Diego beach four years after meeting.  The idea of marriage wasn’t frightening, the idea of dropping the ring in the sand was. Laura hit the Pause button until they were safely on solid ground. Fast forward to our save-the-date shoot at Rockefeller State Park, where they strolled the wooded trails, no sand in sight, the ring shining snugly on her finger.

Tarrytown Engagement

Tarrytown Engagement

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Briarcliff Manor Wedding

February 6, 2016

Winnie and Billy – Moving farther, drawing nearer

They say love conquers all, and for Winnie and Billy, it certainly conquered geography. In 2013 they lived a block apart, but a year later, it was continents apart. Hong Kong may have divided them when Winnie returned there, but romance multiplied thanks to airplanes and Skype. Four plane trips later, they made their final travel plan: a one-way ticket to marriage. It was redeemed last December in a civil ceremony, and they’ll celebrate again in June at Cortlandt Manor’s Hollow Brook Golf Club. We assume there’ll be limos involved, not airplanes.

Briarcliff Manor Wedding

Briarcliff Manor Wedding


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Montauk, NY Nuptial

November 29, 2015

Kristin and Bryan – Beach Boys and Girls

Photos of Beach weddings are so often generic, all those palm trees and sand. Kristin and Bryan’s was anything but, with Montauk’s cliffs and lighthouse the unique backdrop. The Atlantic competed for sparkle with Kristin’s crystal-bedecked gown, and the breeze sparkled with, what else, Beach Boys tunes. It was a total family affair, with adorable nieces and nephews dispensing flowers and rings, Kristin’s aunt the officiant, and Bryan’s son a groomsman. At the reception, It was eyes that were sparkling with tears – ours included –  when Kristin’s dad toasted his instant new grandson.

Kristin & Bryan’s Wedding 2 from Margaret Fox on Vimeo.

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