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Grand Central Romance – Margaret and Zack

February 4, 2017

Galloping toward the finish

It’s no more horsing around for Margaret and Zack, who plan to wed this July in New Jersey. First meeting at the 2009 Kentucky Derby while students in Louisville, their romance became a race as well, flitting through several states between grad school and careers. Things slowed to a trot in 2015, when Margaret joined Zack in Atlanta, and they announced their engagement during last year’s Derby festivities. Seeing their joy during our shoot at NYC’s Grand Central, we’ll place our bets on their happily ever after.

Grand Central Romancing

Grand Central Romancing



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Tarrytown House Wedding Celebration

November 30, 2016

Laura and Daniel – Long-term forecast: sun

Most couples face obstacles, but weather usually isn’t one of them. Darkening skies threatened Dan’s beach proposal, and stormy ones threatened their wedding, but inside elegant Tarrytown House last October, all was sunshine. Laura beamed in strapless lace, bridesmaids shone in scarlet, and nieces and nephews formed a vivid parade. Watching the couple’s first dance to John Legend’s “All of Me,” we forecast only blue skies ahead.


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October Nuptials – Laura and Dan

September 28, 2016

In a just a few short weeks this beautiful couple will tie the knot at a ceremony at the Tarrytown House.  We were so pleased to receive this note of praise from the bride’s mom, Joanne.

“Hi Margaret, I wanted to share with you how pleased we are that Laura chose you to do the photography for her wedding.  Her engagement photos are amazing. You took such time and care to get the right poses at a venue she loves.  I’ve watched you in action at so many events and you always take such care to make sure everyone in the photo looks just right.  You take the time to get to know the people you are photographing and always seem to capture the spirit and sparkle of the moment. You are responsive to every inquiry and the photos are delivered in a timely manner. We look forward to the wedding photos in October!”

We look forward to photographing their wedding day too!

upcoming nuptials

Upcoming nuptials

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Sands Point, Long Island Wedding

September 20, 2016

Brooke and Jordan –  A Model Wedding

When we shot this couple’s engagement photos, we couldn’t imagine them looking any more celebrity-gorgeous. Well, we were wrong! The Long Island Sound backdrop, the sun-streaked sky, the bride in strapless lace, bridesmaids in flowing powder blue… we felt like paparazzi! Did that sailboat just happen to float by after the ceremony, backlit by sunset? Our photos pretty much took themselves, including at the tented reception, where the couple danced to Elvis Presley’s “Can’t Help Falling in Love.” How could anyone not, with a setting this stunning.

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A Grand Finale

August 6, 2016

Judit and Jeff:

We love a happy ending, and that’s what we got shooting Judit and Jeff’s Pocantico wedding. The first act was their save-the-date shoot, and now, the finale at the Chagall-bedecked Union Church. We couldn’t write a better script: their storyline includes an alcohol-fueled bar mishap, an apology, and months of long-distance dating. The climactic episode at Tarrytown’s DoubleTree Hotel starred the bride, stunning in a lacy mermaid gown, swaying with her groom to Rod Stewart’s “Have I Told You That I Love You.” Kleenex, please!

Judit and Jeff's Wedding Judit and Jeff's Wedding Judit and Jeff Wedding 3


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Candlewood Inn Wedding

August 5, 2016

Trinidad and David – Coffee, Tea, and finally Me:

For Trini and David, the walk to the altar was a bit more successful than the walk to the office coffee line, That’s where they first met, and back then she rejected his advances. This time, her response was a firm “I do.” The surroundings were a bit different as well: a summertime garden at Connecticut’s lakeside Candlewood Inn. And we loved other differences: the letters they wrote to each other to read aloud, the maid of honor singing an original song, and the bride’s dress-designer brother removing the gown’s bottom tier for the reception—the better for dancing those salsas and merengues!


Trinidad & David from Margaret Fox on Vimeo.






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Hollow Brook Golf Club Wedding

July 31, 2016

Winnie and Billy  –  Who’s Counting?

They say the third time’s a charm, but so were Winnie and Billy’s first two weddings—to each other! We shot their second- a civil ceremony in Briarcliff, but missed their first in Hong Kong, Winnie’s hometown. They courted long distance after Winnie returned there after they met in Boston, but this time around, her family returned the favor to attend the celebration at Cortlandt’s Hollow Brook Golf Club. Winnie’s white lace cap-sleeved gown was pure American, but later, she was just as stunning in traditional Chinese red, the color of luck. Surrounded by family and friends, we can attest that this couple has had plenty.

Winnie Lee and Billy Cember

Winnie Lee and Billy Cember

Winnie and Billy Wedding2 Winnie and Billy Wedding3


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Miami Heat

July 1, 2016

Judit and Jeff:

The story reads like a rom-com script. A hot Miami bar, an exotic blonde reporter, vacationing buddies, an unwanted advance, an apology, long-distance separation, triumphant love. Judit, Argentina-born, was that reporter; Jeff, a visiting New Yorker apologizing to her for his alcohol-fueled friend who had touched her leg. It seems the apology was accepted, a year and a half later that included 7 months of long-distance dating, we shot their pre-wedding photos. The Hollywood ending happens this summer at Pocantico’s Chagall-windowed Union Church and Tarrytown’s DoubleTree Hotel.

Judit and Jeff

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Katonah, NY – Surprise Wedding

June 25, 2016

Angela and Kevin   –  Babies and Brides:

Surprise parties are usually for the guest of honor – this one was for the guests! It was tough, but we kept the secret that the first birthday celebration for Angela and Kevin’s son would also include their wedding. They figured why not, since friends and family from far and wide would be attending. With balloons and kids’ goody bags as decoration, the couple exchanged vows in their Katonah backyard, their faces beaming with joy and their guests’ with awe. We’ve shot a lot of weddings, but this was our first where sippy cups rivaled champagne flutes!

Conor's First Birthday

Conor’s First Birthday





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Pleasantville Synagogue Bat Mitzvah

May 25, 2016

Mazel Tov Matthea!  

A bat mitzvah is the blossoming of a girl into womanhood, and Matthea took it literally! Her floral dress was worthy of Monet, and a hand-painted garden bloomed on her and her brother’s tallit. The buttercream walls of Pleasantville’s Community Synagogue were the perfect canvas for it all, and later, more gardens bloomed in Ball jars amid confetti-strewn tables at Yonkers’ Hudson-graced X2O restaurant. We were thrilled to get Matthea’s mom’s note thanking us for “the stunning photos,” but such stunning visuals made it a piece of cake— a powder-blue-iced Red Velvet cake to be exact.

Matthea's Bat Mitzvah

Matthea’s Bat Mitzvah

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