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Archive | September, 2014

Noelle and Ronald

September 24, 2014

Biology is Destiny, Final Round    

Nine months ago, we were there for Round 1, their engagement shoot, but time hasn’t dampened Noelle and Ronald’s passion. I guess we shouldn’t have been surprised they’ve been together since college, when their passion was science before it was each other. A shared biology lab led to a dorm-kitchen spaghetti dinner, and love was next on the menu. The final course: a sumptuous wedding at Scarsdale’s St. Pius Church and New Rochelle’s Glen Island Country Club, with a side of sunny skies and crystalline Sound waters.


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Hila & Gil

September 19, 2014

Promised land to promised love

After Hila’s family made their own exodus out of Israel to New York, Gil made his own in 2010, trusty guitar in hand. And they’d be traveling a lot more, Hila with a date to see Gil’s new band, Gil running to find her after the show not knowing they’d left early. Next stop: Brooklyn, finally connecting at a friend’s party, where a blizzard left them stranded for 3 days. The adventure continued with Hila’s move to Bushwick and her need for a handyman. Trading guitar for toolbox, Gil rushed over and never left. Their next journey would be a move to Jersey City, and in August, a trip down the aisle at Bedford’s Temple Shaaray Tefilah. See full gallery here.


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